PKW Fine Art

I began painting realistically, which soon evolved into a hybrid type of work wherein I placed realistic elements in an abstract setting. Now I work mainly in creating nonobjective pieces, which I find very challenging. Keeping my initial idea as a jumping off point I strive to create an intriguing play of color, patterns, textures and shapes. For me, creating art is both provocative and satisfying and every time I generate a new series I learn something from the experience.


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The Many Moods of Red
   Known as the color of extremes, red is one of the “strongest” colors. It evokes some of the most intense emotions from people.  You love red or you hate red. There is no in between! Simply viewing red can increase your respiration rate, raise your blood pressure and even enhance your metabolism.  Red evokes emotions such as anger and is often used to symbolize danger. Yet, on the other hand, it excites us! It symbolizes power, passion, desire and love. 
   For many years I stayed away from red. Too much red made me nervous and I shied away from it. My favorite pallet included touches of red but I stuck to the less intense oranges and yellows. I recently learned that red light is actually scattered the least by air molecules and is able to travel the longest distance through fog and rain and snow. That is why red lights are used as warning symbols in inclement weather. Now that I have gotten brave and started using more of this intense hue; I have come to love it as passionately as the emotion it symbolizes.